Due to unforeseen event, the NEW VENUE of the Python Programming Workshop will be at the N-Lab, 3/F, St. Vincent (SV) Building, Adamson University, 900 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila.  There is no change in the schedule.  The workshop starts at 8:30AM and ends at 5:00PM on Saturday, 13-Feb, 2016. 

Please see the map of the new venue below, and a few reminders:


Adamson University Dress Code:

  • For males: slacks and polo shirt/long sleeves polo. 
  • For females: slacks, skirt (as long as knees AREN’T seen), semi-formal top

Food and snacks are already charged in the nominal fee of P200.

We may be able to accommodate 40 participants (as the computer lab has limited capacity). We may limit the attendees from the JISSA school chapters to seven (7) students.  Thanks.

To register, click on the Python image below.  See you there!