The Philippine of the Information Systems Security Association is Pushing through Programs and Outreach in response to the need for our community to better protect itself from the growing threat of cyber crime.

Along with this web site, reflects our vision to Develop and Connect Cybersecurity Leaders Globally.

Even as we’re starting small, our vision is huge and we invite you to join our Community.

Join us in our endeavors to provide a community forum bringing together the men and women who protect the sensitive information in our businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations, to share our knowledge, know-how, and understanding, in the wisdom that no one is as smart as everyone.

Join us in our campaign to raise executive awareness among our business and community leaders — the men and women who run our businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations—in the knowledge that if they better understand what’s going on and what they need to do about it, they can better manage their organization’s cyber security challenges.